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Project coaching

Depending on your requirements we are able to support your projects in different ways, active, passive or benchmarking.

  The proximity to projects can sometimes make blind, even though one has many
detailed know-how. We assist you to manage the triage between relevant and non-relevant aspects.
Let therefore a fresh external expert ask the relevant questions.  

Active participation in the project

Here we take the lead and responsibility of a part of the project. This form of cooperation is often used by customers not having the RF specialists or if their own staff is already fully loaded and so the external resources help fractionize the peak.

Besides the specialized staff, very often also parts of our measurement infrastructure are used, mainly in cases where our customers do not have the relevant own RF equipment.

Gantt diagram. A project plan can be displayed in different formats, e.g. to show the dependencies or the required resources, time and material. The Gantt diagram is often used and fast interpretable; and a mouse click away the same information presents in a different format, e.g. as network or resources plan.

Supervision and coaching of projects

Customers staff execute the tasks autonomously, but are supported by our specialists. The project supervisor or coach acts as knowledge base, sparring partner and asks the relevant questions at the right time - to keep the overview and to segregate the important from the non-important elements.

A possible reason for such a setting might be the start of a new employer in the RF engineering area, to coach an unexperienced engineer during his on-the-job training phase, to start faster and more determined to success. During this phase, they always have full insight into the content, and are able to follow step by step and thus are capable to build up their experience.

Risk matrix. This format helps to make the fast segregation between the critical and the controllable risks. The circle area indicates the damadge potential of each element, by multiplying the probability of occurrence by the impact.

Consultant of a project

The request might be to make a snapshot, similar to a balance sheet, to assess the project, its chances and the possible risks. The summary lists the positive as well as the negative aspects and highlights the contained chances, the involved dependencies and possible risks to get a 360° feedback for the coming decisions.

Depending of the customer's technical experience and the requested separation of power , the consultant or his colleague can cooperate in the following project decisions. In this case the consultant might get more into the role of a coach, where he mainly asks the right questions.

Assessment or compliance matrix. The single points or in detail each specification is listed, assessed and consolidated to an overall result.

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