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With the great partnership together with our customer were we able to establish wonderful products, of what we are proud. Just below are some samples shown. We strife to deliver to new and existing customers products in an excellent quality combined with on time deliveries.

Product samples

RF-Function Blocks. High frequency transfer switch with extremely low insertion loss and long life time.

PROBA ground station. The PROBA ground station operates in L-band and is used for scientific purposes, Redu, Belgium.

Vector-Voltmeter. For exact amplitude and phase measurements of two IF-signals below 100MHz.

Data sheets of WaveLab products

By clicking on the links below are your getting access to the pdf-datasheets of our products. English datasheet copies shall be available very soon - many thanks for your comprehension.
  1. Continuous attenuator 40dB to 160dB, up to 18GHz
  2. Dipole antenna, 2GHz typical
  3. Multi-channel FSK-Receiver, 2GHz, 2MBit/s
  4. Fire command system for snipers
  5. FSK transmitter 2GHz, 2MBit/s
  6. RF switch 4-channel, 100MHz to 3GHz, sub-system
  7. Double pole, double throw switch, with bypass, 3GHz
  8. Single switch, with bias voltage, 3GHz
  9. Amplifier with bypass, 18dB, 2GHz

Sample of customer references

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