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Application engineering and sales of Microwave Office, Visual System Simulator

WaveLab Engineering AG provides since more than ten years the technical support for Swiss customers of the products Microwave Office, Visual System Simulator, EM Sight, AXIEM, Analyst, and others more. In the framework of these activities do we process the support questions, guide you through the typical solution and organize trainings - either at customer sites or as open trainings.
Since more than four years do we also cover the sales tasks - from pre-sales activities, evaluation, leasing or sales of the modern EDA tools.

The following tools shown work out of the same graphical user interface, therefore they are seamless integrated and intermediate results from one tool to the other are available. This allows to analyze and optimize details of a power amplifier in the circuit simulator while then the influence to the overall system is afterwards evaluated, e.g. as BERT figure and the constellation diagram.

The major tools in overview

Microwave Office - Circuit simulator

The circuit simulator is the first simulation tool of NI/AWRCorp. simulation environment AWRDE. Since the beginning of the tool is the very comfortable and highly appreciated tuning tool part of the standard package, allowing to vary the circuit parameters. With its linear and non-linear simulators, small and large signal behaviors are analyzed and optimized.


Visual System Simulator - System simulator

The system simulator is used for the dimensioning and optimization of transmission systems, to tune the transmission or receiver sides. Comparable to the circuit simulator, the system simulator includes the tuning capability too.
The system simulator has multiple options, e.g. RF budget to draft systems with the most important parameters, allowing to have a fast and precise answer.

Kommunikationssystem Simulation

Analog Office - High frequency analog/RFIC design environment

Analog office is the perfect development tool for high frequency analog IC's. Very often are the connections between two function blocks or cells not perfect, as they have physical properties and 3D expansions, influencing the overall performance. For an efficient use, analog office needs the process design kits of the appropriate IC-process, most often established by the foundries.


AXIEM - Planar electromagnetic simulator

To enlarge the EM capabilities, AXIEM got introduced as second generation EM simulator. AXIEM allows to model the thickness of the metallic layers and the involved coupling and loss properties. The simulator itself works with infinite dielectric layers, calculates the answer of the circuit with open boundaries - so there are no box resonances to treat. The meshing of a circuit is dynamically made, the user has the freedom to include the metallic layer thickness or not. The implemented solvers are fasts, very robust, and the port properties can be configured appropriate in respect to the structure.

2.5D EM-Simulator

Analyst - 3D electromagnetic simulator

As more and more systems are built with multi chip modules, coaxial or planar interfaces need appropriate treatment, as the signals are getting faster and so the interfaces might cause reflections. As these interfaces are to complicated to always be modeled by a parametric cell, the full 3D EM-solver easier to use here. Import of STEP, IGES or SAT files is possible, or the model can be built with the integrated 3D modeler of Analyst. The solution is calculated inside Microwave Office and so setting up the simulation and post processing is made in the common user interface.

3D Simulator EM

Further functions and simulation tools

  • Filter Synthesis
  • EM-Sockets
  • Interface from/to LabView
  • Interface from/to measurement instruments
  • Antenna Synthesis
  • AWR Connected
  • MRHB - Multi-Rate Harmonic Balance
  • ACE - Automated Circuit Extraction

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