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WaveLab Engineering has been active in the area of antenna development for nearly 20 years. Initially we built bigger antennas, in the past years we also created smaller and tiny antenna structures. You will find those integrated antennas in electronic control systems, in parts of remote systems as well as in passive structures - everywhere where you would need wireless transmission.
These antennas cannot always be operated in resonance, they are often a compromise between size and efficiency and have yet to comply at best with the classic HF-requirements. Thanks to our long-time experience and by using our state-of-the-art simulation and measurement equipment we succeed in meeting these challenges. Once confident of the quality of our theoretic solution, we will then verify with a first prototype at our open test range site or in our shielded anechoic chamber. During this test procedure no details remain hidden, the expected performance will be efficiently and mercilessly revealed.

Should you be in need of a customized antenna or do you wish to optimize your existing antenna system? Get in touch with us, we invite you to talk shop and to consult in order to exploit your system's potential in terms of range and efficiency.

Antenna examples in overview

Customer specific PCB-Antenna

This PCB integrated double antenna covers the mobile bands 900/1800/2100 efficiently, but allows also in good quality to receive the navigation data from the GPS/Galileo systems. This double antenna can be produced in large quantities and is manufactured using low cost standard substrate material. This allows to produce cost efficient antennas paired with state of the art RF perfocmance.

Duales PCB Antennen System

Punched and bent antenna

Antennas working below 1000MHz are perfectly realized as punched and bent antenna structure, when the required housing volume is available. The punching and bending production steps allow to manufacture cost efficient and high performing antenna structures, either as single or multiple band structures.
Already early in the product design phase is the reservation of the antenna volume required, to allow building later-on in detail the antenna structure, including the loading effects of the neighbouring elements.

Gestanzte Antenne

Broadband railway antenna

The operational environment of a broadband railway antenna is demanding, as rain, cold temperatures, wind and UV radiation are around the clock stressing the structure, while this has to remain reliable in service. Therefore have such antennas to width stand a stressful test program, making sure that the antenna keeps the full specifications during the whole life time. Only this testing assures the expected life time and the savety aspects, including when the winter wind blows at -20°C, and when an icy layer covers the radom.
Quite often contain such a broadband antenna a second antenna structure for the reception of the navigation signals. And more and more, multi radiator antenna systems in operation to cover today's and tomorrows MIMO requirements of our customers.

Breitband Bahn Antenne


LogPer- and crossed LogPer antennas are typical measurement antennas, as they have well specified antenna patterns, are broadband and maintain over a large frequency range quite similar characteristics. The well designed crossed LogPer-Antenna allows at the same time to receive horizontal and vertical polarized signals, and in combination with supporting elements can circular polarized signals being received or transmitted.
The shown antenna structure can be dismounted for the transportation of the antenna using a small volume and while the whole structure sis well protected against bending and mechanical stress. And as the antenna is manufactured of stainless steel, then the environmental influences and the ageing are maintained on a very low level.

Logarithmisch Periodische Antenne

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