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Research & Development

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A leading name in RF laboratory services

WaveLab Engineering AG provides a comprehensive range of RF laboratory services for businesses based in Switzerland and abroad. One of the leading names in microwave electronics and radio frequency engineering, the company has over twenty years of experience in its field. Considered an innovator, WaveLab Engineering remains committed to finding viable and affordable solutions for both new and established customers. Our modern RF laboratory is equipped with a vast selection of specialised equipment for radio-frequency measurement and testing, allowing us to offer a fuller and more reliable service.

Day to day tasks in our RF laboratory

Each day, in our state-of-the-art RF laboratory, we use specialised simulation and measuring tools to overcome challenges and develop hardware and services. Recently, we have worked on many successful projects including the WLE1055C Railway Antenna. During the process, we employed RF laboratory facilities such as our low-echo measuring chamber to accurately measure broadband. RF receivers also undergo final testing before being shipped to customers. In this instance, the BER of the I / Q demodulator is characterised by live signals which can be visualised with special RF laboratory equipment.

Specialised development tools

All the facilities of our RF laboratory including the latest development tools and state-of-the-art technology are at your disposal. Our aim is to create projects that are tailored to the individual needs of each customer. Wiring diagrams and layouts are created with Altium Designer. We then use the 3D display option to evaluate the viability of each project before we build the first prototype. Our RF laboratory is a place where we measure, experiment and create using Microwave Office, AXIEM and Analyst from National Instruments / AWRCorp. on. We also use specially-designed measuring tools and instruments from leading manufacturers like Anritsu, Hewlett-Packard, LeCroy and Wilton in our busy RF laboratory.

Created in our RF laboratory

Our special measuring and layout equipment and modern technology allow us to continually update and improve our products for use in the high-frequency engineering and microwave electronics sector. Some of our most notable include the Proba Ground Station, a scientific L-band ground station that is installed at ESA in Redu, Belgium. Our antennas are second to none and we have been designing and developing them in our RF lab for the past two decades. As well as multiband railway antennas, Bipole antennas, and LogPer broadband antennas, we design and develop customised items for use where there is no line of site. Browse our full range at your leisure at www.wavelab.ch

More information on RF laboratory facilities

Whether you want to install a cost-effective microwave radio system or whether you need precise measurements taken over a range of frequencies, you can rely on WaveLab Engineering. With access to our well-equipped RF laboratory and our team of fully-qualified experts, you can be confident of the best and most reliable solution. Do feel free to call for further information; we are always happy to discuss any aspect of our RF laboratory service.